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1557Image, Photograph, PrintPeopleEdward (Ed) Kaelber, photograph, circa 1973
Photographic print of president Ed Kaelber in his office with students identified on the back of the print from right to left as Ann Van Twisk, Graig Kesseslheim, Alexandra Brown, Dodi Jordan, and Dodi Fenton.
1434Image, Photograph, PrintStructures, OtherStudent-built Windmill, photograph, circa 1975
1 black and white print of a student-built windmill.
1389Image, Photograph, PrintStructures, Dwelling, Cottage
Organizations, School
Turrets Coastline Gazebo, photograph, circa 1974
Photographic print of a gazebo structure on ocean edge by Turrets,
1346Image, Photograph, PrintStructures, OtherStudent Workshop, photograph, circa 1976
Photographic print of Roc Caivano and students building a student workshop on campus that is now called Millard's Shop.
1235Image, Photograph, PrintPlaces, AerialAerial view of campus, photograph, circa 1970
Photographic print of an aerial view of Sea Urchin, Turrets, Guy's Cliff, and Bournemouth. The college was started in Guy's Cliff, which was renamed Kaelber Hall.
1232Image, Photograph, PrintPeopleStudents and staff during the summer 1971 pilot program
9 black and white prints During the summer of 1971 an experimental pilot program brought 13 students and 3 faculty members to the college to test and evaluate certain aspects of the proposed curriculum. Participants in the summer program worked together in a multidisciplinary workshop, and joined the staff and trustees in raising and answering questions about the future direction of the college. Photo 1: Diane Pierce Photo 2: Sam Eliot, Bill Janes (foreground), Alex Paine (background) Photo 3: unidentified Photo 4: Jill Tabbott and Diane Pierce Photo 5: Sam Eliot, Bill Carpenter, Jill Tabbott Photo 6: Gray Cox and Edwin Geisslet Photo 7: Jill Tabbott Photo 8: unidentified Photo 9: Sitting on stone wall: Edwin Geissler, Diane Pierce, and Alex Paine. Sitting on ground: David Paine (Alex's brother) and Glenn Paulsen [show more]
1231Image, Photograph, PrintPeopleFirst COA class, photograph, 1972
COA officially opened in the fall of 1972. This is the first class photograph consisting of students, faculty, and staff. Front Row: Laura Perry, Leanne McIntyre, Eric Henry, Jill Tabbott, Sidney Rathbun Muska, Edwin Geisslou, Francis Pollitt with dog, Susan (Cook) Grossjean, Craig Kesselheim. 2nd Row: Joanne Carpenter, Katherine Hazard, Pat King, Jon Allen, Cathy Johnson, John March, Rick Waters, Annie Goodwin, Bill Ginn, Scott Kraus, Susan Hatch, Gail Davidson. 3rd Row: Bill Carpenter, Linda Swartz, Anne Peach, Millard Dority, unknown, Dodie Jordan, Steve Katona, Moira McTighe, Henry Elliott, Lynn McDermott, June Tuson, Josie Todrank, Jackson Gillman, Robin Willison, Mel Cote. Back Row: Jim Perkins, Gillian Brown, Philip Kunhardt, Will Russell, Harry Stark, Dan Kane, Sam Eliot, Ed Kaelber, Elmer Beal, Andy Jennison, Steve Savage, Al Stork, Randy Horsey. [show more]