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How to Search

There are two search methods:

  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search

Simple Search

Simple Search is quick and easy to use. Type keywords in the text box in the upper right corner of this page and pressing the Enter key. Simple Search results appear as rows in a table. You can sort the rows by column like you can do in a spreadsheet.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search provides many options for narrowing results down to exactly what you are looking for. Advanced Search also gives you full control over how your search results are presented.

Simple Search works well, but if you get too many results, or if the results are not precise enough, try using Advanced Search. You’ll need to use Advanced Search when:

  • The order of keywords is important (Simple Search finds keywords in any order).
  • Results should contain any of your keywords (Simple Search looks for all the keywords).
  • Items should not contain certain keywords (Simple Search cannot exclude keywords).
  • Results should contain an exact phrase (Simple Search treats each word as a keyword).
  • You want to search in specific fields, not all fields (Simple Search looks in all fields).
  • You want to search by tags or date range (Simple Search does not have these options).
  • Results must be filtered by multiple conditions (only Advanced Search provides this option).

Search Results

There are different ways to view search results.

  • Table View - Table View presents search results in a table of rows and columns. The rows show items that match the search criteria. The columns show data for individual fields of each item.
  • Grid View - Image View shows search results as a gallery of thumbnails.
  • Index View - Index View presents search results as an alphabetized index of unique values for the collection field.

Understanding Copyright Statements

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